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NAIDOC Award Scholar of the Year, Hedland 2017

Congratulations to Adrian Clinch Lead Community Researcher on the Hedland FASD Project. 

Warajanga Marnti Warrarnja - Together We Walk on Country

This is a fantastic recognition of Adrian’s efforts inside and outside of his research work, and how the project more broadly is making a difference in the Pilbara.


3 March 2017 -The preliminary results from our study looking at FASD in young people in detention has received significant coverage across Australia including regional newspapers. Below are a few examples.




24 December 2014
Number of Indigenous Australians in prison a catastrophe
Indigenous legal aid cuts Productivity Commission Report
Alcohol sellers say higher prices wont stop problem drinkers

18 September 2014
WA Chief Justice opposes indefinte jail for FASD sufferers 
Aboriginal youth incarceration rates: 'Reach out to communities', Kimberley MP Josie Farrer says

7 September 2014
Fitzroy Crossing women tackle alcohol scurge

13 August 2014
Disability criminalised treatment FASD in Australia

12 August 2014
Facility needed for foetal alcohol disorder says magistrate

8 August 2014
State wards who went on alleged crime spree to stay in custody

19 July 2014
Is FASD disability being criminalised?

15 July 2014
Perth magistrate Catherine Crawford wants Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder classed as a disability

9 July 2014
Child locked in police cell for 2 days

8 July 2014
NT woman at centre of petition assaults three police officers

24 June 2014
Law Crime and Justice stories on ABC Kimberley WA: Magistrate Catherine Crawford
Injustices being done: former Kununurra magistrate

8 April 2014
Screening to ensure justice for fetal alcohol disorder kids
Juveniles to participate in WA research


4 December 2013
FASD campaign goes national
Interview with Elizabeth Elliott AM (25 November 2013)

08 November 2013
Alcohol dependent pregnant women going untreated
Download the media release
Download the report

SBS Insight 15 October 2013
Drinking when pregnant

ABC 7.30 Report 12 September 2013
Should FASD be classified as a disability? 

26 August 2013
Foetal alcohol syndrome victim calls on pregnant women not to drink

6 August 2013
Release of Australian Government plan of action for FASD
Read the Response to the Impact of FASD in Australia and Summary


29 November 2012
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
National focus on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders welcomed

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
FASD inquiry findings endorsed: now for swift action

12 September 2012
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
Nation's experts endorse FASD action plan  

18 June 2012
The West Australian
Alcohol-free pregnancy best for baby  

11 May 2012
University of Sydney News
Alcohol impacts on babies - UN looks at Australian Experience
Story about launch of Tristan DVD at United Nations

4 May 2012
World News Australia 
This interview with June Oscar and Marmingee Hand was given in prior to launch of 'Tristan: Hopes, dreams and challenges of a young boy living with a FASD' DVD at the United Nations in New York
Interview with June Oscar and Marmingee Hand

22 February 2012
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
FOI request reveals government ignored its own research on pregnancy warning labels   

14 February 2012
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
New research shows one in five Australian women continue drinking once they know they are pregnant 

18 January 2012
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
Call for national plan to combat Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders


24 November 2011
West Australian
Lobby group tackles alcohol harm in teens 

15 November 2011
West Australian
Detention 'fails' to resolve foetal alcohol problems

9 November 2011
West Australian
Push for warning labels on alcohol  

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
FARE calls for action on alcohol warning labels to prevent alcohol use during pregnancy   

14 October 2011
ABC News
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome studied in the Fitzroy 

1 September 2011
West Australian
Alcohol in pregnancy can harm babies  

16 September 2011
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (formerly Alcohol Research and Education Foundation)
Make alcohol warning labels mandatory   

16 August 2011
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
Alcohol Health Warnings Protect Mums and Babies 

15 July 2011
West Australian
Booze and pregnancy warnings misleading

20 June 2011
Sydney Morning Herald
National clinic to target baby alcohol disorders   

World Today ABC News Story
Australia lagging in foetal alcohol research

9 May 2011
West Australian
New group takes stand against alcohol scourge 


Making FASD History as a Community Researcher: Adrian's Story

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