Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) which can cause lifelong disabilities for a person. The damage to the brain can result in developmental delays; problems with learning, behaviour, memory, language and communication skills; and everyday living and socialising skills.





James Fitzpatrick and childDr James Fitzpatrick, McCusker Clinical Research Fellow in Aboriginal Child Health

TEDx Perth talk on Marulu FASD Prevention Strategy and associated work from restrictions through until 2018






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6th International FASD Conference

Researchers from the Alcohol & Pregnancy & FASD Research Group will be presenting at the conference in Vancouver

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FASD in the Western Australian Justice System

Our researchers are working with representatives from across the justice system and community to look at prevalence, management strategies and workforce development, and develop educational resources.


Magistrate Catherine Crawford has been an active collaborator in this work and is using her Churchill Fellowship to facilitate travel to Canada, the United States and New Zealand to examine how these jurisdictions deal with young people affected by FASD involved inthe criminal justice system.

You can follow Magistrate Crawford's travel and read her observations and recommendations.