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Joining with colleagues from Telethon Kids Institute, NOFASD Australia and the Perth Children's Court to promote FASD Awareness Day

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WA Science Hall of Fame

Image Carol Bower child & presenter

Professor Carol Bower, from Telethon Kids Institute, was inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame for her lifelong contribution to child health and particularly her research on folate and neural tube defects. She was part of an international team that confirmed a link between maternal intake of folate and the prevention of neural tube defects such as spina bifida in babies.

Professor Bower is currently the Co-Director of the FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence working in the area of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

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Shell Aboriginal STEM Student of the Year

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Ms Sharynne Hamilton (The University of Western Australia, Telethon Kids Institute) won the Shell Aboriginal STEM Student of the Year. Her doctorate seeks to merge western neurodevelopmental science with the social determinants of Aboriginal health to provide a framework which promotes healing in WA communities.

(Photo courtesy of MCB Photographics and Cathy Fogliani)

Finalists Premier's Science Awards

Image of all finalists in the Premiers Science Awards

Congratulations to all finalists in the Premier's Science Awards

We would like to acknowledge Ms Hayley Passmore (Telethon Kids Institute) finalist in the Student Scientist of the Year.

(Photo courtesy of MCB Photographics and Cathy Fogliani)

General Practitioners (GPs) are often the first health professional a woman goes to when she is either planning a pregnancy or thinks she may be pregnant. Because of this GPs have an important role in providing the best possible information for women to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. It is crucial that GPs ask every woman about alcohol use during pregnancy in a non-judgemental manner and advise then of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It is important that any alcohol use before and after confirmation of pregnancy is recorded.

In partnership with the Western Australian Primary Healthy Alliance, researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute have developed three short videos aimed at informing GPs of the importance of asking all pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy about their alcohol use.


  • Alcohol and pregnancy: It’s Everybody’s Business
  • Asking Questions About Alcohol In Pregnancy
  • Recording Alcohol Use In Pregnancy


Visit the GPaskthequestion page to access the videos and more information