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In 2014 Magistrate Catherine Crawford was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to facilitate travel to Canada, the United States and New Zealand to examine how these jurisdictions deal with young people affected by FASD involved in the criminal justice system.

Magistrate Crawford was the Resident Magistrate for the East Kimberley region in Western Australia between 2008 and 2010 and is now a Children's Court Magistrate in Perth.

Magistrate Crawford was on the Steering Group for a Telethon Kids Institute project 'Understanding FASD - a guide for justice professionals'. The project developed a series of short videos for judicial officers and lawyers and an on-line CPD program for lawyers.

Read Magistrate Crawford's Report


Other reports related to justice, drug and alcohol use, and young people

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To investigate legal representation schemes for children in the US, Canada and the UK – administration, delivery and innovation

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Breaking down the silos: Overcoming the practical and ethical barriers of integrating legal assistance into a healthcare setting

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To investigate models of intermediaries for child victim and witnesses in the criminal justice system in England, Wales, Ireland, Australia and Norway