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  • Australian Guide moved from being the 38th most visited page to being the most visited page on the FASD Hub with a total of 6,055 page views, representing a nearly 20-fold increase
  • Over 50 presentations at third party conferences, forums, seminars and workshops which included information on the Australian Guide
  • Workshops were conducted in Perth and Adelaide for a multidisciplinary audience – 120 participants
  • Development of a ‘FASD Clinical Workshop Facilitator Manual’. The manual contains all the information required to prepare, coordinate, deliver and evaluate a FASD Clinical Workshop.
  • 650 episodes of access to the eLearning modules since their release in 2016, and approximately 400 during the grant period. eLearning modules on the FASD Hub have moved to the 3rd most visited page on the website from not ranking at all. Modules were revised and released in mid-June 2019

If you have any questions related to this page, please email the FASD Hub team or call 08 6319 1824.

The following people were involved in this project:

Health Professionals:

  • Professor Elizabeth Elliott
  • Professor Carol Bower
  • Associate Professor Doug Shelton
  • Dr Marcel Zimmet
  • Dr Amanda Wilkins
  • Dr Andi Crawford
  • Dr Vanessa Spiller

Community members:

  • Claire Gyde
  • Dr Tracey Harbour
  • Sue Miers
  • April Wilson

Team Members:

  • Dr Anne Morris
  • Heather Jones