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For general inquiries or for more information on this project, please contact Heather Jones.

Benefits of this research

The resources will lead to:

  • better understanding of FASD by lawyers representing young people involved in the criminal justice system
  • better understanding by case workers, lawyers and others of the impairments that may be suffered by a parent or child in the protection and care jurisdiction
  • advocacy that reflects a greater appreciation of any impairments that the young  person, or a parent, may suffer, and the need for investigation, if appropriate, before finalising the matter
  • evidence of impairment/s being adduced in Courts, thus enabling decision-making which better reflects the objectives of relevant legislation
  • improved understanding by service providers of FASD, the development of alternative and successful strategies to work with a young person with a FASD
  • the development of appropriate services and programs to provide support, therapy and appropriate intervention for a child and/or parentswith a FASD  involved in protection and care proceedings

What did we do?

In collaboration with the Steering Group we developed:

  • Developed 6 short videos for justice professionals
  • Developed an on-line Continuing Professional Development module for lawyers
  • Developed a FASD and Justice page on the Telethon Kids Institute Alcohol, Pregnancy & FASD website
  • Provided updated information on FASD to DotAG for inclusion in the Western Australian Bench Book Equality before the Law
  • Presented information on FASD at seminars, conferences and workshops

Read more about the resources: